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Enjoy Francoise Paviot's new collection of luxury disposable paper tableware - New for Spring Summer 2021


Francois Paviot has released an exciting new collection of decorative napkins for the spring and summer season of 2021. The collection features rich colours and stunning designs, inspired by the elegant beauty of nature and travel to tropical & desert lands.

The new “Potage” line features soft, warm colours and images inspired by harvest fruits and vegetables.This series is a beautiful addition to your table – ideal for lunch with friends on the patio while the sun shines down.

From the “Potage” series - The new “Courgette” cocktail napkin displays three flowering zucchinis on a golden yellow background.

Following is the “Flower” series. This series is elegant and feminine - featuring soft, supple colours and floral designs.

The “Ethereal Flower – Rose Poudé” features an elegant pink napkin, adorned with blush flowers.

The “Wadi Rum” series is an ode to Nomadic graphics and travel to desert lands.The napkins display deep, earthy hues and captivating designs.

The “Oasis” napkin will bring a luxurious look and feel to your table with its lavish blue background and golden featured design. 

Paviot’s “Cyclades” napkins pay tribute to the Homeric stories and luminous hues of the Mediterranean, featuring striking white graphics.

“Milos Vert” includes graphics inspired by Mediterranean frieze, highlighted with bright and dynamic green.

The beauty of the “Grand Bleu” series is inspired by the ocean. Featuring the natural blue and white hues that are found in crashing ocean waves, these napkins will bring the beauty of the sea right to your table.

The “Plongeur” napkin displays simple, minimalist inspired beauty. On a soft white napkin lays a lone diver, exploring the wonders of the ocean.

With the intentions of creating a fun, positive atmosphere, the “Tropical” series was designed. It features bright colours, plants and animals from the tropics. They will transport you and your guest to a sunny, sandy paradise.

The “Alpina” napkin features tropical pink flowers and lush green leaves - perfect for a spring/summer party.

Francoise Paviot's unique new collection is available now for delivery from www.trendytable.com.

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